Hi! I am DD-Anne. First of all, you might wonder what’s the mean of this weird name. Well, DD means ‘dolly dolly’, so it’s Dolly-Dolly Anne. You can call me Anne or DD-Anne as you like.:)

I started learning making ball-jointed doll(bjd) in 2005 when I was still a student of Bioinformatics in SJTU. Then I have been a full time bjd maker since 2006 after graduated.

2006~2009 were the years I taught myself sculpting, resin casting, sewing, and tried to explore my styles in different ways. Each of my resin doll was casted, sanded and assembled by myself. This experience helped me perfecting my skills on porcelain bjd making in later years.

My resin bjd brand was named ‘FairyGarden’ from my childhood’s dream of owning a garden. Although I still don’t have a garden in real life, I built one on the Internet. Welcome to share and watch my dream coming true.:)

(Insert pictures of works during 2006-2009) tiny dolls, Louts Near

2010-2013, my style became more clear in my famous full set series ‘Alice in Underland’. During this period, I developed my skills on designing and sewing, shoes and furniture making.

((Insert pictures of works during 2010-2013) Alice in Underland

2014-present, I started to focus on porcelain bjds. During the time I made ‘Alice in Underland’, the desire of making more mature, elegant and graceful dolls was becoming stronger and stronger. When I finished the ‘Mad Tea party’, I knew the next chapter should be presented by a new type of doll.