resin Venus preorder 2019.8.8-2019.9.8




Height: 42.7cm with flat feet
Eyes: 6mm
Head: 12.2cm
Neck: 5.6cm
Shoulder: 7.7cm wide
Chest: 14.9cm
Waist: 10.3cm
Hip: 16.9cm
Arm: 13.3cm (to wrist)
Torso: 16cm
Leg: 22cm (to ankle)
Feet: 4.3cm



Standard Venus Head mold


Blank doll $620
color: Pale skin or porcelain white

A blank doll will come with 3 pairs of extra feet, total 4 different pairs of feet.
Eyes and wigs are NOT included.

total 4 different pairs of feet
pale skin vs porcelain white


make up $295
body blushing $310

It’s a little overwhelming for me to do all the jobs alone. If you can find other artists to paint the doll, it will be a great help.:) And though I love body blushing, I don’t recommend it because it chips very easily on resin.

body blushing
porcelain white vs pale skin

Eyes, resin $28/pair
You can purchase up to 2 pairs of eyes for each doll.

There are two colors: sky grey & brownish green

If you order make up together with eyes, I will paint the canthus a little red to make it look more realistc.

Earholes $29
0.4mm Extra small earholes ( could be go through by 0.33mm wire.)
It’s not 100% successful to drill such a small earholes. Once the drill was broken inside the resin, but don’t worry, the risk is mine. You will get a prefect one.:)


WIG-1 $540, WIG-2 $580

You can purchase only 1 wig for each doll. I recommend to buy wigs from other artists. 🙂

Wig mold $23
For wig making. It is 3D printed. Exposing in the light can cause it turn yellow very fast, but this doesn’t affect the purpose of use. You can keep it in the dark to slow down yellowing.

Stander $35
The stander is specially designed for my doll. It is height adjustable, fits all different feet and shoes. And almost invisble.

Shipping by EMS

1 doll 2 dolls
Japan, Korea $26$38
Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia,
Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand,
Singapore, Vietnam
Australia, New Zealand$32$48
Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark,
France, Finland, Greece, Germany,
Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta,
Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland,
Spain, United Kingdom
Bangladesh, India, Laos, Nepal,
Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Turkey,
Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Colombia,
Cuba, Czech, Guyana, Hungary, Israel,
Jordan, Mexico, Panama, Poland, Peru,
Russia, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates,

If your country is not listed, please contact me for more information.


The preorder opens from Aug 8, 2019 – Sept 8, 2019.

Waiting time: 6 months

树脂Venus预定, 2019.8.8 – 2019.9.9




身高: 42.7cm (平脚)
眼: 6mm
头围: 12.2cm
颈围: 5.6cm
肩宽: 7.7cm
胸围: 14.9cm
腰围: 10.3cm
臀围: 16.9cm
手臂至手腕: 13.3cm
躯干: 16cm
腿至脚踝: 22cm
平脚: 4.3cm




ä»·æ ¼

无妆裸娃 ¥3980


左:浅肌 右:瓷白


面妆 ¥1900
体妆 ¥2000



眼珠 ¥180/对


打耳洞 ¥190

假发 仙女中分款¥3500,古典麻花辫 ¥3800

假发头模 ¥150

支架 ¥220



预定时间2019.8.8 – 2019.9.8


Riko, preorder [closed]


Height: 18.5cm
Wig: 5-6inch, or 4-5 inch with silicone cap
Eyes: 12mm
Feet length: 2.4cm


blank doll , white skin $280
blank doll , tan skin $310
make up $102
extra hands pack, $65

Blank doll goes with a box. The wig, eyes, clothes, shoes are not included.

Free shipping worldwide.

white skin
tan skin
extra hands pack includes 7 different pairs of hands

How to change hands

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Jan 15 -Feb 15, 2019. It will take 3-4 months to prepare after the preorder is closed. I will keep update if there is any news.