resin Venus

There are 4 editions of Venus.

Venus Original,the very first edition, opened eyes Venus.

Venus Dreaming,new edition, with eyes looking down, a little bit sad .

Venus Dreaming+,new edition, with half-opened eyes and mouth opened a little.

Venus Sleeping, not for sale. Order 2 dolls and you will get a sleeping head as a gift. Order 3 dolls and you will get an extra sleeping doll.

Venus Original

Venus Dreaming

Venus Dreaming+

Venus Sleeping
porcelain white


not for sale,

gift only

pale peach ×



not for sale,

gift only

milk tea


✔ in stock, and available for preorder ⚪ no stock, preorder only

Three skin color avaialbe: porcelain white, pale peach, milk tea.

*the colors might look different on different screens. The picture is for reference only.


Blank dolls in stock can be shipped in 20 days.

Dolls in stock ordered with make ups, eyes or wigs will be shipped in 3 months.

Waiting time for preordered dolls will be about 6 months after the preorder closes, depending on the casting factory.


Blank doll, including a doll without make up, eyes, and wigs.

porcelain white/pale peach $630
milk tea $635

Order 2 dolls and you will get a sleeping Venus head as a gift.

Sleeping Venus is not for sale, only as a gift. The gift will be in random skin color.

The doll will go with new default hands (relaxing model). *hand blushing is not included.

Addtional hands, holding model $45/pair. Only available in milk tea color.

*hand blushing is not included.

Addtional feet set $80 sold out

The doll will come with default flat feet。

The feet will made to order, so it will take more time to prepare.


make up $310

*As time limited I don’t paint gift heads, but gift dolls are ok.

Eyes, resin $29/pair sold out
You can purchase up to 2 pairs of eyes for each doll.

random imperfect eyes $16/pair with small flaws but don’t affect much. Limit 1 pair per person, random color. (Most are crow blue.)

Earholes $29
0.4mm Extra small earholes ( could be go through by 0.33mm wire.)
It’s not 100% successful to drill such a small earholes. Once the drill was broken inside the resin, but don’t worry, the risk is mine. You will get a prefect one.:)

Pearl Earrings $12/pair


centre parting,curly mohair $569

classic braid,alpaca $619

fringe above eyebrows, straight mohair $549

centre parting ,straight mohair $519


You can purchase only 1 wig for each doll. I recommend to buy wigs from other artists. 🙂

Wig mold $24
For wig making. It is 3D printed. Exposing in the light can cause it turn yellow very fast, but this doesn’t affect the purpose of use. You can keep it in the dark to slow down yellowing.

Stander $36
The stander is specially designed for my doll. It is height adjustable, fits all different feet and shoes. And almost invisble.

Tools $5

Help you to change the head, hands and feets.



1.Venus Original,mike tea*1 +make up+ eyes (moon nite) + wig (centre parting,curly mohair) + earholes (please list the options in the same line with the doll)
2.Venus dreaming,pale peach*1+face up+ random imperfect eyes
3.Venus dreaming,pale peach*1 (if you order 2 dolls with same face and skin color, but different options,please list them in different lines )
4.pearl earrings*1
6. wig mold*2
7. stander*2*1

I accpet USD and EUR from bank transfer inside U.S and EU.

Also Xoom transfer which is a paypal service.

If you would like to pay with other method, please discuss with me. Thank you.

Full payment has the priority for hand gift.

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