Scared BoBo


‘ “Scared BoBo” was a legendary creature in the Underland. Elders said that BoBo was an extremely timid creature. Any moves and sounds would scare it.

It was a master of camouflage. Usually, it stood quietly against wall, looking just like a settee, but when being scared, it could run away in an astonishing speed with its long legs.

Nowadays, few people had seen BoBo with their own eyes. Some even believed that it had already been extinct. But rumor said if lucky enough, you might find one in the Queen’s palace.’

Just kidding. XD
Scared BoBo is a settee inspired by my own timid cat BoBo. When BoBo got scared, he would jump up like a spring with his legs strengthened and back arched, that finally became the unique shape of the long legs and the arch front of the settee.

To me, this settee is not just a settee. During the creation, I felt that by making a BoBo inspired settee, I made BoBo immortal. One day BoBo and our beloved pets will leave us, which makes me feel so sad. (My dog, ‘Huang Tou’ means yellow head in Chinese, passed away on June 4 this year, I still miss him so much.) I think with the settee, BoBo’s story, our story will be continued even after our death. Just imagine some time in the future, a collector will introduce the story behind this settee to his/her visitors, ’Once there was a timid cat called BoBo…’. And I feel that every time the name ‘BoBo’ came out from another person, (it’s definitly not a usual name for a settee.), it enhances the little trace of our existence in the world.

Size: 29*13.5*28.4cm (L*W*H) Height of seat: 16cm

Main Materials: resin, wood keels, silk brocade, polyurethane foam


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